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Group Research

by @thehal84

Free and useful growth hacking tools for better research and reading the web

  Every day you use the internet to learn, interact and share information. That information can come from simply reading what your friends are sharing, watching an insightful video, listening to a really good podcast or spending your time in … Continue reading

The Futility of one-way com

by @EnginuitySearch

Social Collaboration Tools Can Easily Help Make Your Business More Efficient

In today’s social web chances are you have sent a status update to a friend, shared a meaningful article or blog with family and started a conversation about a topic within your community online. If you are a business owner … Continue reading

Educated Hal

by @EnginuitySearch

Enginuity Search in the Classroom

There’s no question that search and social media are impacting the classroom. Recent studies show that “94 percent of teachers say their students equate research with using internet search engines“. The number of educators who now welcome social media into … Continue reading