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Top 10 Socially Relevant Hacker News Posts of 2015



At the beginning of this year I decided to dog food our analytics platform with some of my favorite sites and content to help me keep tabs on technology trends and discover useful stuff.

One of the included sites is Hacker News, which I don’t always have a lot of time to browse. By using Enginuity Analytics I was able to setup monitoring of Hacker News for new content and filter it based on how influential and socially relevant is was across the web (social shares + social commentary sentiment). I then enabled the smart report feature to periodically send summarized email alerts about trending content.

After a year of monitoring Hacker News I have generated an analytics overview report to share the Top 10 Socially Relevant Hacker News Posts of 2015.

#10. Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared of Capitalism, Not Robots

Stephen Hawking Says We-Should-Really Be Scared of Capitalism

#9. Mapping the Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Every U.S. State

Wage Wroker

#8. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


#7. Math Lessons That Actually Explain Concepts

Math Lessons That Actually Explain Concepts

#6. REI to shut on Black Friday to have employees go outside

Employees go outside

#5. Lesser Known Google Projects

Lesser Known Google Projects

#4. Across the USA by Train for Just $213

Across the USA by Train for Just $213

#3. Mentat Wiki

Mentat Wiki

#2. Wind Map

Wind Map

#1. Games for Designers

Games for Designers